Hello and Happy Monday Everybody!

We have featured a lot of dog food and cat food samples here for Dion s Daily Deal, but didn t want to leave the fish owners out. It happens that today I found a way you can get samples of Aqua Dine Fish Food for free if you click here.

The company makes fish food for fish as common as the goldfish, to food for those fish in Finding Nemo. (The clownfish I believe?)

I used to live next door to a guy (hi Mark!) who I believe spent more on his saltwater fish aquarium that someone who owns a horse. I m not kidding. He had neon fish, rainbow fish... small aquatic creatures, special lights, the whole nine yards. It was impressive -- expensive, but impressive.

Any-hoo! On to the next deal, which is for you snorers out there...or anyone who has a loved one who keeps you up at night because of his or her snoring. The company Breathe Right is giving out samples of their nasal strips.

The strips gently open up your nasal passages and improve the flow of air. Hopefully this will prevent snoring, but we all know some people need more than just a nose strip!

Lastly, something to prevent wrinkles from Origins.

You ll have to become a fan of theirs on Facebook, but once you do, they ll send you a sample of their wrinkle cream.

Okay, that ll do it for today thanks again for your continued support!



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