CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The finals are set on NBC s hit show, The Voice. And already, the show's producers are making plans for season two. That s music to local voice coach Jane Edgren s ears.

She is a classically trained vocalist, but also a huge fan of these television singing competitions; most recently, The Voice.

One of the things that I loved (about The Voice ) was the fact that they turned their chairs around and they just listened to the person sing and so they weren t so influenced by the way they look, she said.

Edgren has watched and as the show gained in popularity. She says she s seen an increase in business.

About two years ago, I was teaching 10-15 students. And my studio has increased to about 45 now, Edgren added.

That full roster of students includes recent Providence High School graduate Tanisha Uzeta, who hopes to pursue a career in music.

Tanisha came to me about two years ago and she just has this energy and this wonderful affinity for singing popular music and jazz, Edgren said.

We were there as Uzeta belted out the Alicia Keyes hit, No One. She attributes her start in music to another hit singing show.

Had I not started watching 'American Idol' years ago, I probably would not have pursued singing, she said.

Soon to be a college freshman, Uzeta plans to pursue a degree in music. But before that, she d be interested in trying out for The Voice. On right now, singers can choose a song, upload a video of their performance, and maybe get noticed by casting directors.

Edgren thinks Uzeta has what it takes.

I ve encouraged her greatly, she said.

She is also encouraging about a dozen other students. Two new onesare planning to try out for American Idol this summer in Charleston, South Carolina.

You can even get airtime during the auditions, Edgren said.

Edgren is among several vocal coaches we contacted, all with similar stories. They re seeing more interest in taking lessons traced to shows like The Voice and American Idol.

But before Uzeta or any student tries to catapult to fame, Edgren says some tried and true advice must to be followed.

Practice, practice, practice. It really is important to make sure you are well prepared, she said.

The Voice auditions are coming to eight different cities this summer. The two closest to Charlotte include Atlanta and Nashville. The Nashville dates are July 29-30. Atlanta auditions will be held August 5-6. American Idol rolls into Charleston July 20-23.

No matter the show, classical singer turned voice coach, Edgren is just glad more people are singing and if takes a boost from reality television, so be it.

I think they inspire people because they see the everyday person you know step up and sing. You know even the person who sings in the shower says, well, I can probably do that, Edgren said.

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