CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Instead of paying a cover price of about $35 for a year of Family Fun magazine, you can get it for just $2.99 for the entire year at the Discount Mags website here. Something to point out for this deal make sure you use the coupon code 2221 when you go to check out. This will give you your discount. This deal is good for today only.

This next offer is really fun, and something I never even know existed.

Check this offer out from Plantable Cards. Here you can get a sample of their paper, with seeds embedded in it. This means you can write a letter, or send a card that your recipient can then plant in soil, to bloom into a green plant! Keep in mind, you don t have to donate any money, but the site indicates a $2 donation would speed up the process of getting your deal.

If you ve got muscles or not! This next deal is for everybody.

The offer of free whey protein is from the health company Bi Pro on Facebook here. Their product is a bit different than other protein powders in that there is no sugar, or any flavoring.

As always, make sure to read all the details of these offers and know they re subject to change at anytime. This means freebies sometimes run out, and the company will then offer a coupon in its place.

Enjoy and see you on TV tonight.

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