CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Cars around you will beep. Pedestrians will wave and take pictures. Riding around in the contraption that s part trolley, part bar, and part bicycle will do that to you.

This vehicle is called the Party Pedaler, which launched in the Queen City last month. Similar party bikes have made appearances in other cities around the country but owner Tracey Sanchez thought Charlotte is the perfect location for this eco-friendly group bike.

We wanted to really get folks here to follow the motto Charlotte s Got A Lot, and to be able to see it firsthand on our bike, said Sanchez.

14 guests on board sit on bicycle-like seats and pedal their hearts out. In the center is an aisle where a bartender can maneuver and sling drinks--or pour a cold one from the already-installed beer tap.

Guests have the option to pedal to bars or restaurants or any venue in uptown they please. Just don t expect to go very fast.

We go about .2 miles an hour, said Sanchez.

Pretty soon into the journey you ll notice a lot of huffing and puffing.

It s tough. Especially going uphill. It s definitely a workout. I needed to wear my Spandex because you re gonna sweat, laughed Kong Lor, a passenger on board.

With all the exercise, one rider said he d rather have a Gatorade than a beer.

Definitely some water and a towel, said Chris Jones.

Renting out the bike costs $170 an hour, with a two hour minimum. Divided between 15 people, that comes out to about $22 per person.

While the bikes are up and running now, the company makes their official Charlotte launch on St. Patrick s Day. To learn more about the Party Pedaler, check out their website.

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