CHARLOTTE, N.C.--One family is dealing with a horrific holiday tragedy as a result of a collision between a SUV crossover and a City of Charlotte solid waste truck.

The accident occurred around 1:50 Friday afternoon. Video from Airstar 36 showed the SUV partially smashed under the City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services sanitation truck, which was on its side.

The driver of the Toyota Highlander was killed, 5 others were taken to the hospital including three passengers and two men from the truck.

Firefighters had to work overtime to rescue one of the passengers after the truck landed on top of the SUV, partially crushing it. The passenger was given medical attension right away but emergency crews had to call in help to remove that person.

Capt. Rob Brisley, Charlotte Fire Department, told Newschannel 36. It took all our tools and resources just to stabilize and further prevent any injuries to the person that was alive and then it took a partnership including a heavy wrecker from a local company to help us make the rescue.

We don't have names from any of the victims in that SUV. Because of that Carolinas Medical Center won t say what kind of shape they are in, but officials say that injuries to the truck crew are minor.

Solid Waste Services says the truck driver was a temp, not directly employed by the city, and had only been behind the wheel for a month.

From the position of the vehicles, it appears the SUV was heading north on West Boulevard and was in the left hand turn lane. Solid Waste Services says the truck made a right turn from Billy Graham on to West heading south and the driver lost control.

Police say they will release a statment sometime Friday night with more information.

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