CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- As House Bill 695 makes it way to the floor for debate, women in the Charlotte region are paying close attention to what lawmakers say, and more importantly what they do when votes are cast.

NBC Charlotte spoke with several women who have had to make the decision whether or not to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. While women differ on making the decision to have an abortion, they all seem to be in agreement on their opposition to the HB 695.

Honestly I think they should leave that alone because young girls need to make that decision, said Alana Davenport, Every woman should have that opportunity to decide what she wants to do with her body.

Conita Ross said that when she was young, she did not have to make the choice of having a child or not, but says some of her friends did. Some of them even went to great lengths to terminate their pregnancy.

I've known people to go to other states. Ross said.

If this (HB 695) passes, we'll go back to having women go to the back rooms for abortions and that's more dangerous, Davenport expressed.

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