CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte is at the top of the list for the worst cities when it comes to allergies.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, the Queen City ranks fifth in the country.

That's not a surprise for experts like Dr. Hunter Hoover with Charlotte Eye Ear Nose and Throat Associates. This time of year people are a lot more sensitive to trees.

Hoover says every year is a bad allergy season in the Charlotte area. This time of year the tree pollen triggers the misery.

It's the amount of trees we have and the amount of time they have to pollinate and the climate that makes it so bad, Hoover said.

This year may seem worse because the tree pollen built up during the sunny days in early spring. Luckily, the rains washed away most of the pollen. But many people are still complaining about itchy eyes, nose and discomfort.

Charlotte was actually ranked third in the 2009 rankings for cities with worst allergies.

There are three options: avoid the pollen all together, medicines and allergy shots. But it's tough to avoid the pollen, Hoover said.

He adds that the best advice is roll up your windows in your car and keep your windows closed at home because the air conditioner filters out pollens.

The tree pollen has already peaked, but grass pollen peaks in the summer and weeds peak just in time for the beginning of the school year.

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