ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Following questions directly from NBC Charlotte s I-Team, the York County Sheriff s Office agreed to release video showing an inmate s death.

Two inmates in the custody of the sheriff s office died in the same restraint chair. Surveillance video showed Jeff Waddell, who died while strapped in and vomiting from seizures in 2006.

Jail video also shows the final moments of Joshua Grose s last moments. Grose was accused of running over and murdering his mother and a neighbor woman. The sheriff's office refused to release the video until Tuesday.

In a press conference, authorities revealed details of the internal investigation. They also played the video for members of the media but refused to allow the video to be recorded. Officials do not plan to release the video publicly. The video shows the inmate repeatedly hitting his head on a cell wall. The Piedmont EMS was called but Grose was never transported.

The sheriff s attorney said the jail did not have a tranquiller or a padded cell to use with Grose. There are no alternatives to the restraint chair, he said.

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