CALDWELLCOUNTY, N.C. -- Caldwell County's Ice Unit says they've arrested a notorious area-meth dealer.

On Monday, the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office Ice Unit says they had it on good authority that a well-known meth dealer was going to be traveling through the area with drugs on him, so officers were prepared when he came driving down Horseshoe Bend Roadin Hudson.

Karl Albert Blanton led officers on a brief chase down Horseshoe Bend Road, throwing drugs out the window, before eventually pulling over, the Sheriff's Office says.

A search of Blanton's person and vehicle turned up digital scales, $300 in cash, smoking pipes and a small amount of marijuana.

The Sheriff's Office says Blanton threw out about a half-ounce of meth on the side of the road during the pursuit, which agents were able to recover. The street value is estimated at about $1700.

Authorities say this is Blanton's third meth-related arrest.

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