CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A fight Friday night at the Butler-East Mecklenburg high school basketball game was the second fight to break out at a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools sporting event in a month.

The father of a Butler girls' basketball player is facing several charges after trading punches with a school resource officer.

Sports build character, said Jeremy Boone, a performance coach for the Carolina Panthers. But participating in sports events reveals character.

Boone is author of the book Parent Your Best.

He said some parents clearly are not setting a good example for their own children or the students in the stands.

We're finding this happening more and more. Parents are putting so much on the line and identifying themselves in the performance of their child. When you have that much on the line, poor decisions get made, Boone said.

School resource officers told NewsChannel 36 they agree these things are happening more and more.

Another fight broke out earlier in January minutes after the start of a basketball game between West Mecklenburg and Harding. The fight forced officials to end the game.

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