CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- You can't go wrong with chocolate on Valentine's Day.

NewsChannel 36's Larry Sprinkle got an inside look at a unique shop where a family makes their own chocolate.

John and Sue Elliot opened Davidson Chocolate Company in 2008 with their son, John Jr.

The original shop opened in Davidson, but business grew so much that now there's a shop in Dilworth, too.

John Elliot Jr. says the store offers something unique that you can't find anywhere else.

As a family we've been making chocolate for 10 years now, he said. All the chocolate that we make is hand-rolled, hand-dipped. You're getting, really, a custom product with a lot of love put into it, using quality ingredients.

Davidson Chocolate Company has all kinds of treats for Valentine's Day -- champagne truffles, hot cinnamon heart truffles, chocolate heart boxes and a chocolate covered wine bottle. You can bring in your own bottle and have it covered in chocolate.

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