CHARLOTTE, N.C. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are warning Carolina Panther fans about a group of counterfeiters who took advantage of Sunday s match-up with the Green Bay Packers.

Thomas Burke and his wife were looking forward to going to game on Sunday, and made the mistake of buying their tickets from a scalper.

From what I could tell it looked just like all the other tickets , said Burke.

He didn t end up with a seat in the stadium; instead he got high priced fake tickets. Investigators say the counterfeiters came up from Atlanta, and their fakes were of such good quality even they had a hard time telling them from the real thing.

For the average fan they were very difficult, I looked at them and I couldn t tell the difference , said investigator Kevin Jones.

Police arrested 24 year old Walter Sledge and charged him with false pretense. Officers don t know how many people got ripped off because they suspect that most victims didn t report the fraud.

Burke knows he was not alone. He tells NewsChannel 36, A lot of us would write it off as a loss. It was probably 75 (to) 100 (people) riding back on the Lynx mad and upset. You saw a lot of people walking away from the stadium after 1 o clock .

Police say they last saw fake Panther s tickets, was the last time the team was competitive in the NFL.

Now that the excitement is back they urge fans to be careful and buy tickets from a reputable dealer.

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