CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officers investigate burglaries every day, but a case in the North Division is standing out because a homeowner helped solve his own break-in.

Dion Galloway is a project manager for one of Charlotte s big banks. I had no inkling of a thought that I was going to get anything back, he said.

Galloway told NewsChannel 36 it was difficult to take inventory of his home after it was broken into.

Once you get around the house you're looking around and you find this is gone, this is missing. You definitely feel angry, he said.

Fortunately the 30-year-old banker did get some of his stuff back because on a whim he decided to check Craigslist.

Mostly an impulse. That evening I spent time online doing random searching, Galloway said. He found several of his stolen items and told CMPD burglary investigators, who contacted the sellers.

The detectives then arranged to meet with the sellers and arrested 17-year-old Alamin Colvin and 19-year-old Michael Martin and charged them with burglary and possession of stolen goods.

Galloway was thrilled that he played a part.

It was extremely satisfying. One, knowing that I am getting some items back. Two, knowing the people who blatantly disrespected my home were apprehended and caught, he said.

Galloway urges other victims to use the web.

Definitely be proactive. You never know what will come of it. It only took five to 10 minutes out of my night.

Investigators think others are involved in the crime and said that because of Galloway, they might have cracked a burglary ring.

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