SALISBURY, N.C. -- A Salisbury family was left to deal with another tragedy Friday in what had already become a sad week.

I'm going to miss her, said Frank Stiller, as he sat on his porch several miles from the Lyerly Funeral Home in downtown Salisbury.

He was talking about his mother, Effie, who passed away earlier this week at the age of 91.

The Lyerly Funeral Home was destroyed by a massive fire Friday afternoon. Inside, was the casket of Stiller's mother.

Effie's sister, 84-year-old Marie Miller, died the same day and funeral services were planned for Saturday for both women.

Like my mother passing and then my aunt passing and then my son calling about 12 noon and told me it (the funeral home) was burning. It was just another big shock, Stiller said.

An employee of the funeral home called 911 around noon to say a fire had broken out in the furnace room.

The funeral home director, Brent Lyerly, said he had flipped on the furnace a few minutes earlier before he left for lunch.

Salisbury Fire Chief Bob Parnell said the furnace room will be where the search for a cause begins.

It's fair to say that at this point I don't know anything that would cause me to think it is suspicious, said Parnell.

The Lyerly family and the funeral home have been part of Salisbury for years.

Lyerly stared at the fire and said while the family has taken a hit, the hope is to rebuild and start over.

If people will just pray for us and be patient with us, we are going to put everything in the Lord's hands and he will guide us in the right way, said Lyerly.

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