First Lady Michelle Obama followed up her well-received prime-time address with appearances around Charlotte on Wednesday.

There were about 28,000 tweets per minute about her after her speech Tuesday night, but the crowds she saw Wednesday were much smaller.

At the Marriott Center City, she urged attendees at the Human Rights Campaign and Victory Fund Luncheon to get involved and make a difference in the campaign to re-elect her husband.

Time is of the essence. We need you all to be fired up and we need you to work like never before... Truly work like never before, she said. We need you out there every single day between now and November 6th.

Then she threw in a little bit of sassiness to make here point.

You see my face? I'm serious. It's my serious First Lady face.

The first lady also later called it her mom face.

She also spoke to the African-American Caucus in another Wednesday event.

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