CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Microsoft is launching a temporary retail store at SouthPark mall for the holidays, according to reports on tech news websites. says that the tech giant is planning to open more than 30 stores for the holidays. In addition to the SouthPark store, Microsoft is also opening one in Durham, in the Streets at Southpoint. Microsoft is playing catch-up to Apple, which already has some 300 retail stores, including one each in SouthPark and Northlake Mall.

The Apple stores have been a boon to Apple, becoming some of the highest-grossing retail outlets in the world.There's no word yet on when the store will open at SouthPark or if it will be permanent. Microsoft has about two dozen stores currently, and plans to have 75 in the next couple of years.

The holiday stores will have plenty of new Microsoft merchandise to try and stimulate consumers' appetites. Windows 8, the new Windows Phone, and Microsoft's new Surface tablet could all be hot items.

What do you think - should a Microsoft store become permanent at SouthPark?

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