CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A fashion faux pas has gotten Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan banned from the golf course.

The NBA legend violated the dress code at a swanky country club in south Florida and was banned for wearing cargo pants, according to multiple reports.

Golfers are required to wear a collared shirt and bermuda shorts while playing. He was given a chance to change his wardrobe, according to reports, but he refused to interrupt his game when he was approached about the dress code on the 12th hole.

The story has blown up online and thousands of tweets about the story can be found on Twitter.

GQ magazine tweeted, Michael Jordan's style: so bad, it gets him kicked out of places. In the article, they write that Jordan could be the worst dressed man in the universe.

Jordan made $60 million in endorsements last year, according to Forbes. Nike s Jordan Brand has annual revenues of more than $1 billion, with his brand s shoes controlling 71 percent of the American basketball shoe market.

Forbes estimated Jordan s net worth at $500 million in 2010, a number they believe will only climb. Jordan owns 80 percent of the Bobcats.

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