CHARLOTTE, N.C. --Saturday's weather delayed or canceled dozens of flights at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

At one point, no planes took off or landed for hours due to a weather-related grounding. Visibility, wetness and temperature were some concerns.

That put US Airways, which has the most flights out of the airport by far, into catch up mode.

Some travelers say it was irritating because the snow barely even stuck to the ground, but did impact their plans.

Michelle Devine Giese and her husband lost a day of their week long vacation to St. Martin.

We're not happy at all, she said.

The couple's day started in Milwaukee.

First a mechanical delay put them on a different plane, then a Charlotte-based weather woe.

They said that the airport down here was not taking any more flights, Devine Giese said.

Officials say Saturday's snow caused a three to four hour ground delay, when no flights came in or took off.

So we had to wait on the plane for about and hour, hour and a half until we could take off. When we landed here, we missed all of our connections and our secondary connections, Devine Giese said., a site which tracks airline flights, says more than 100 flights coming to or leaving from Charlotte were canceled. That number lead the country.

Now at was a popular message on arrival and departure boards.

It was a 20 minute delay out of Denver, said Herb Taylor from Huntersville.

He figured he'd at least see the reason why when he landed.

It's embarrassing because people are on the plane saying where's the snow? Boyd said.

Even though the snow didn't stick, the wetness can still cause problems.
The higher planes rise, the colder it gets and water quickly turns into ice.

De-icing is why Kelly Bailey says the plane picking her up in Orlando and bringing her back to Charlotte was late.

It wasn't that big of a deal, we had a good vacation, she said.

Better safe than sorry was the pilot's intercom message to Erica Bailey, who was also on that Denver flight.

That even though we got you here late, at least we got you here safely, she said, reciting the pilot.

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