CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte firefighters were called to rescue an injured dog Saturday, stranded in a Charlotte creek.

Pictures of crews rescuing the dog

A neighbor heard the animal barking in McAlpine Creek Greenway and called for help.

Rescuers say the dog was trapped in mud, and too exhausted to free herself. They were able to lift the dog on to a stretcher and carry her out of the woods.

Monday, after a long weekend Animal Care and Control was able to unite Daisy, 13, with her owner -- Tim Schoeing.

Schoenig told officials Daisy accidentally left the front yard likely following behind the roommate's younger, more adventurous dog. Schoening believes he's had Daisy since she was approximately eight weeks old.

Monday, Daisy was able to go home, outfitted with a brand new micro-chip.

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