CHARLOTTE, N.C. Who rides their bike to work? In Charlotte, barely anybody.

The University of Oklahoma s Institute for Quality Communities took a look at new data released by the U.S. Census Bureau about how Americans get to work if they don t get there by car. In New York City, a full 67 percent of the people either walk, ride a bike or take public transit. On the other end, just 2.2 percent of commuters in Oklahoma City get to work in a way that doesn t involve driving.

In Charlotte, 6.9 percent of the people commute in something other than a car, on par with Houston, Tampa, Dallas and Columbus. However, a scant 0.2 percent of people who work get there by bike. Several other cities are at that level. Only Tulsa, at 0.1 percent, is lower.

View the whole report here.

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