UNDATED -- It didn't get there in time for Christmas, but it could come today or Friday.

UPS and FedEx say poor weather earlier this week and overloaded systems are partly to blame for packages customers were expecting for Christmas not reaching their destinations in time. UPS has brought in extra workers to sort out those delayed packages. has been notifying some customers affected by UPS holiday delivery delays that it will refund any shipping charges and is giving them a $20 credit toward a future purchase.

Amazon spokeswoman Mary Osako said the company processed orders and got them to its shippers on time for holiday delivery and is now reviewing the performance of the delivery carriers.

The delays at UPS and FedEx were blamed on poor weather earlier this week in parts of the country as well as overloaded systems. The holiday shopping period this year was shorter than usual, more buying was done online and Americans' tendency to wait until the last possible second to shop probably didn't help either.

Neither company said how many packages were delayed but noted it was a small share of overall holiday shipments. While the bulk of consumers' holiday spending remains at physical stores, shopping online is increasingly popular and outstripping spending growth in stores at the mall.

On Christmas Day NBC Charlotte reporter Michelle Boudin talked to Heidi Grant of Waxhaw. Grant has spent days tracking things she ordered weeks ago for her two oldest kids.

We were waiting, waiting and waiting, I kept checking online, still not here, she says.

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