BOONE, N.C. -- The Boone Best Western hotel operator charged in the carbon monoxide poisoning deaths of three hotel guests turned himself in Friday and pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.

Barry Damon Mallatere, 50, also posted a $40,000 bond.

His attorneys say they look forward to a trial and are releasing documents claiming others are at fault.

An elderly couple from Washington State and 11-year-old Jeffrey Williams from Rock Hill died after staying in room 225. Their stays in the room above the hotel pool were a couple months apart in 2013.

One of Mallatere's attorneys released documents about work done on the pool heater that investigators say leaked the carbon monoxide.

A Boone building permit from Boone says Mallatere contracted with the now-defunct Independence Oil company to convert the pool heater to natural gas from propane. A Boone building inspection report has marks on it showing the inspection of that heater conversion passed.

Attorneys say hotel employees initially swapped out the pool heater. But months later, and before anyone died, the hotel contracted that conversion out to the oil company and they say that work was done incorrectly.

(We) believe the truth will come out. Everyone will see that anything that may have gone on -- none of it went on with any criminal intent, said attorney David Freedman, who represents Mallatere and was with him when he turned himself in.

Regardless of what he (Mallatere) is going through, it pales in comparison to what the families of the three people who passed away in the hotel room are going through, Freedman said.

Mallatere is the only person charged in the deaths. He faces three counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count of assault causing serious bodily injury.

He is due in court next month.

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