Preparing students for the workforce, that's what CMS and new STEM education programs are gearing up to do. Since many college students graduating with a degree but no career path, Olympic High School is giving students another option to get them career ready.

We had to design it, and test it, said Olympic High School Sophomore Anesha Colquhoun.

These Olympic High School Academy of Engineering students made their own cranes.

We used this wheel to get 360 rotation, said Colquhoun.

This is STEM education at work. That's the science, technology, engineering and math program that prepares students not just for college but for career.

It's just like any other company that would be making a real live crane, it's just smaller, said Colquhoun.

Olympic High School has multiple academies in the STEM program, something CMS has amped up in the recent years. Students not only follow more specific curriculum but even have internships like at local hospitals for students in the Academy of Health and Sciences, doing hands on projects with clinical trials.

So that prepares us for if you're going into a scientific field where you have to do a study you already know some stuff you can and cannot do, said Junior, Hernan Pernas.

Director of Career Development at Olympic Community Schools Mike Realon says it's about preparing students for the thousands of open jobs that need skilled workers.

We want to show kids the multiple career pathways you need so if you looked at all jobs open in the states today, many are middle skill jobs, said Realon.

Like learning to create and even patent their own devices.

What we're trying to develop is an electrical bench vice, said senior Edward Cooper.

That could be sold to and used in the workforce right now.

You can use it at maybe manufacturing companies that uses bench vices that holds metal so you can screw things in, said Cooper.

Students say they are getting one step ahead from other students in preparing themselves to get a job, not just a degree.

Us having project based learning, puts us ready for a career because when you're in a career you have project to project to project, said Pernas.

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