CHARLOTTE, N.C. The father of a two-year-old killed in a shootout breaks his silence, saying his son s death has left the family numb, confused and sick.

Little Amias Robinson had a smile that could melt your heart.

He loved to wrestle, he loved Monday Night Raw, remembers his father, Charles Robinson, while showing us Amias picture.

Charles says he was overprotective of his son and that Amias really hadn't been anywhere without him until his cousins came to town last week.

Charles says he figured he would let Amias go, briefly, to have some fun with family.

They went to the movies, he's been eating candy, he's been having a ball, he said.

Last Thursday night, Amias was in a stroller when his cousins took him to visit a neighbor's who sells candy.

On their walk, they came across two cars parked on Eastbrook Road.

Police say the people inside those cars were arguing over money.

The next thing you know bullets started flying, people were shooting and my son had to bear the brunt of that, Charles says.

Those cousins ran away from the gunfire but it was too late.

A bullet hit Amias and he died four days later.

Charles was at his son's side the entire time.

It was pure pain, Charles says. A lot of tears, a lot of faith, a lot of hope, a lot of letdowns.

Police say Alvin Alexander fired the shot that killed Amias and he s been charged with murder.

Charles doesn't know Alexander and says he never heard of him, but he now has one wish.

That justice prevails, Charles says. It's just sad for me to lose my kid over a senseless act of violence.

Charles' pain isn't over.

There's still Amias' funeral, and knowing that beautiful smile is now just in pictures, not in person.

I feel like he was my angel and he was sent down here for a purpose, and he's gone.

The family says they face some major expenses with Amias funeral.

If you d like to help, you can make a gift in Charles or Amias Robinson s name at Rosadale Funeral Parlor at 401 W. Sugar Creek Road. The phone number is (704) 597-0444

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