CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is reviewing all cases led by Detective Arvin Fant.

Fant was the lead detective in the Demeatrius Montgomery case. Montgomery is accused of killing two CMPD officers in 2007.

Last Monday, on the first day of Montgomery's trial, Fant admitted that he discarded notes in the case and he used another officer's writings in other notes to refresh his memory about interviews.

Fant has been placed on administrative leave and is being investigative by Internal Affairs.

On Monday, CMPD announced that an independent panel will review all cases on which Fant served as lead detective to determine whether any discrepancies exist.

Retired Mecklenburg County Superior Court Judge Shirley Fulton will lead the panel, which will include retired Internal Affairs members and investigative supervisors from CMPD.

The review will begin this week and will be monitored by the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office.

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