FORTMILL, S.C. -- Cashiers at Area 51 Fireworks were busy Monday morning as last-minute customers look to grab fireworks before the 4th of July, the store's biggest event of the year.

Owner Doug Cianfrocca says he estimates 75% of his store's business for the year will come between Memorial Day and this weekend's holiday. New Year's comes in 2nd, at 15-20%, but general manager Casey Steinhart says some people do buy year-round.

There are people that are just generally pyrotechnic geeks and they just love fireworks so they do it a number of times throughout the year, Steinhart said.

Location also plays a big role, as Area 51 sits right across the South Carolina border along Interstate 77 to target customers from North Carolina like Alfonso Patterson.

I'm going to be firing some up from my house, Patterson said. Hopefully the police don't get me, but hey they'll be gone by the time they get there, so that's just how it is buddy.

Tons of people living in North Carolina are in the same routine as Alfonso Patterson who lives in Kannapolis, but has to make the trip to South Carolina to buy the heavy duty stuff.

In North Carolina, aerial displays, explosions and anything that doesn t stay on the ground in a small area is illegal. For South Carolina on the other hand, just about anything goes for fireworks aside from bottle rockets and rockets that are less than four ounces.

Steinhart wants people to realize that just because they bought the fireworks in South Carolina, doesn t mean they are legal to use north of the border.

Just drive to your neighbor's place that's 5 miles away, come and shoot it and do everything legally, because that's just the best way for everybody, Steinhart said.

The restrictions are for safety reasons, which Cianfrocca says is emphasized even more for children.

I wouldn't let them light anything off, Cianfrocca said. Just leave it to the adults, and tell the adults when they do, just don't drink.

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