CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Elisa Baker might be the most disliked, mistrusted and suspicious person in the Zahra Baker homicide investigation.

There's been nothing but negative facts in the news so far about Elisa Baker, said attorney Melissa Owen.

But in a motion filed on Monday, Baker's attorneys asked a judge to reward their client for helping the investigation.

The attorneys are asking that the bond for Elisa Baker, Zahra s stepmother, be reduced.

The public has perceived Elisa Baker as someone who has obstructed justice. So this motion says the opposite. That she's been, almost for a month, assisting the investigation, said Owen, who is not involved in the Baker case.

In the motion, attorneys for Baker say, The only credible evidence released to the public by Law Enforcement related to this case is evidence that was collected after Elisa Baker told Law Enforcement where to look and what to look for.

Owen calls their motion a strategy. It could reduce in a lesser bond for Baker.

As the facts lay out there, she is doing exactly the opposite of obstructing justice. So it gives the judge something to consider, said Owen.

However, Owen also says the motion makes it clear that Baker had sizable knowledge relevant to the whereabouts of Zahra Baker's body. Prosecutors will also get to weigh in on the motion before the judge in the case makes a ruling.

So far no one has been charged in the homicide.

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