CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- An arrest has been made in one of the worst crime scenes in Mecklenburg County in some time. Police arrested a man in Ohio who is accused in a triple homicide in Charlotte in February 2008.

The investigation began Feb. 4 when firefighters responded to 6002 Patricia Ryan Drive in the Oakdale community, just north of Brookshire Boulevard. The northwest Charlotte home was destroyed by fire. The charred bodies of realtor Kinshasa Wagstaff and her boyfriend Kevin Young were discovered inside the home.

Wagstaff's niece Jasmine Hines was found murdered hours later off a Huntersville road.

The suspect has been identified by police as Justin Duane Hurd. Police are still trying to determine how the suspect knew the victims.

Hurd was arrested in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio on a grand theft auto charge that originated in Cinicinnati. Hurd has been charged with three counts of murder for the deaths of Young, Wagstaff, and Hines.

Investigators say they identified Hurd as a suspect based on physical evidence.

Police are still trying to track down a second suspect who is believed to be in the Dayton area as well.

A year later along Patricia Ryan Drive, people still remember vividly what happened last February and are glad they may now get some answers.

"We were hoping it would be resolved pretty soon so we are glad at least you have a suspect," said neighbor Robert Williams.

Williams lives almost directly across from 6002 Patricia Ryan Drive where the house everyone remembers once stood. Now there is just an empty lot. You can still find a few burned out candles that were once part of a make-shift memorial for the people who were killed. The house itself was torn down last July. The charred ruins were just too painful of a reminder of the murders.

"I'm glad that they solved it but I guess after a year, I really don't know how to feel," said Chris Stowe who was unloading bags from his car in the driveway of his home that overlooks the now-vacant lot across the street. He had just moved in last year when the murders happened. "I mean, things happen," he said. " Things happen everywhere. Can't really predict it."

The television trucks are long gone and Patricia Ryan Drive is again a quiet street lined by well kept homes. Nobody who lives here though will soon forget what happened, and even with a suspect in custody, many are still reluctant to talk or give their names.

"Just unfortunate what happened to the people in that particular house," said Darren Durante. "To have a suspect and have somebody behind bars eventually will be great."

NewsChannel 36 reporters Rad Berkey and Glenn Counts contributed to this story.

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