CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Mecklenburg County released new photos of coyotes spotted in the area after setting up 10 cameras to track the animals.

Mecklenburg County's Division of Natural Resources won't release the locations of the coyote cams for fear of them getting stolen. The nightvision cameras are posted in wooded areas where coyote sightings have spiked.

The photos were taken between March 6 and March 12 at four locations.

The plan is to use the pictures and evidence gathered from the cameras to find out what the animals are doing and why so many are visiting more urban areas of Charlotte.

We put them up just to see what we could find, said Chris Matthews, Mecklenburg County's Division of Natural Resources manager. We have about 10 of them up and they're spread in four or five locations around the county, he said.

Some of those neighborhoods are in Matthews, east Charlotte and in north Charlotte.

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