CONCORD, N.C. -- The start of Race Weeks in Concord has the North Carolina Department Of Transportation (NCDOT) and NC Highway Patrol urging drivers to be patient, give themselves extra time and pay attention.

An estimated 150,000 people are expected to attend this weekend's All Star Race and the Coca-Cola 600 over Memorial Day weekend.

Drivers will be dealing with construction on I-85 near Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Concrete barriers are up while crews work on widening I-85. Officials say cars heading to the race will be close to the barriers, and some exit ramps will be shorter due to the barriers.

Interstate 85, I-77, I-485 and Highways 29 and 49 remain the best options.

Scott Cole with the NDCOT says Highway 29 or Highway 49 is typically the best way to get to the track.

The untold secret is coming from the north on Highway 29 or Highway 49, you come right to it. You don't ever stop until you're at the track. That's what we use when we go our and look at what traffic is doing, Cole said.

The NDCOT also has a wall full of monitors to look at roads and intersections and see problems as they arise.

Troopers say one of the biggest issues they deal with, in addition to all the cars, is people who get confused about where they are going.

You come in one way and we will direct you out another way and that kind of causes confusion for people, said Sgt. Glenn Stokes.

Stokes expects it to take race fans an hour and a half to get out of their parking spots at or near the track on race nights.

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