CHARLOTTE, N.C. In the Patrick Cannon case, he is referred to by the FBI as Businessman #1.

He is the man who investigators say paid Patrick Cannon a bribe, believing Cannon would use his political clout to help him out.

NBC Charlotte has confirmed that the name of the businessman is David Baucom and he is the owner of a chain of strip clubs, including the old Twin Peeks club on North Tryon Street.

Cannon has now pleaded guilty to taking a $2,000 from the man we now know is Baucom, who wanted Cannon s help relocating the club when it was torn down to make way for the light rail extension project.

While the FBI did not name Baucom and filed no charges against him, criminal defense attorney Melissa Owen, who is not part of the case, said anyone who pays a bribe can be found to be culpable.

The person who paid the bribe could also be considered a co-conspirator because they have acted in this scheme to defraud, said Owen.

This is not the first time Baucom s name has surfaced alongside that of a politician.

In 2006, he was called before a grand jury that was investigating then-Speaker of the N.C. House of Representatives Jim Black.

Baucom had made a $4,000 contribution to a political action committee that allegedly funneled money to Black without reporting it.

Baucom was not charged.

Right next door to where Twin Peeks once stood is the headquarters of Baucom s company called MAL Entertainment.

The company operates strip clubs in several states, including a number of Leather and Lace locations and other clubs in Charlotte.

The U.S. Attorney s Office and the FBI have said the Cannon case did not end with his plea and more arrests could happen.

Baucom s son told NBC Charlotte reporter Rad Berky that his father would not be answering any questions about the bribery allegation.
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