Happy Monday!

As I write this, I'm at home, sitting on the deck, basking in the sun, slathered in SPF 55. I'm really not into the Jersey Shore, tanned and leathery look, so when it comes to getting a golden glow, I enjoy sunless tanning. (Although my first experience with it happened when I was in college, and sunless tanning services were just introduced; I came out of the booth looking bright orange like an Oompa Loompa and smelled like rotten potatoes. Even my good friend Dennis noticed my eau-de-spud scent.)

Anyway, to help promote healthy tanning, I found a way you can get a free sunless tanning service at different locations near you!Sunless tanning can cost $35 or more a session, so this is a wonderful introductory value. Check the site for all the details and enjoy the glow!

Next is an excellent freebie from WalMart. Anybody out there who wears contacts knows how expensive solution can be, but since the world's largest retailer is rolling out with this new brand, called Revitalens, you can try a mini-bottle and a contact carrying case for free! Click here for details.Just call your local WalMart ahead of time to make sure they're participating.

Lastly, I have a fun offer from the online retailer the Healthy Tea Store. They re allowing folks to sample their Japanese Cherry Blossom tea. It comes in three different flavors: peppermint green, raspberry or orange. Yum.

Sign up here. You ll also be signed up for their email list, so keep that in mind when choosing which email; address you want to use for this promotion. Enjoy these freebies and enjoy the deals!


PS: Don t forget my sushi roll kicks off today at the Cowfish restaurant in SouthPark! From today until the end of May, you can order a Neon Dion sushi roll (inspired by my favorite foods, like coconut shrimp, avocado and mango) and 20 percent of the proceeds go to Loaves and Fishes. Very exciting!

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