GASTONIA, N.C. -- Monday the Gaston County Police Department Animal Control Division responded to a call that a raccoon had attacked a dog.

Darren Wells of Acapulco Drive contacted Animal Control after killing the raccoon.

After an investigation, Animal Control officials sent the raccoon to the State Diagnostics Lab in Raleigh for rabies testing. Lab results confirmed the animal tested positive for rabies.

North Carolina State Law requires that any unvaccinated dogs or cats exposed to positive rabies vector be destroyed or quarantined for a six month period. According to Gaston Animal Control, Wells dog was not vaccinated and he surrendered the dog to Animal Control for euthanasia.

County health officials will be canvassing the immediate area where the incident occurred to advise residents of the attack and to verify pet rabies vaccinations.

This makes the third positive rabies case in Gaston County this year.

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