CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- October is domestic violence awareness month and UNC Charlotte is holding a series of events all month long. Wednesday, students spent the day painting their messages against domestic abuse.

Each shirt has a message on it displayed on the campus trying to raise awareness for domestic abuse.

His abuse was verbal physical, emotional and sexual, and we all witness that first hand, said abuse survivor, LaToya Pousa.

Pousa is a survivor after a childhood of being abused. She's now a social work major at UNCC and takes every opportunity at the school to get involved in abuse awareness.

I knew at that point I had a story to share. I had a mission in life to spread and share my story with others like me, she added.

Other students were able to write their own thoughts against abuse. It's part of what's called The Clothesline Project.

It's sad and we all know it's sad. I think women look for men for protection and they look for that solid figure to go to be their husband or father, said UNCC senior Morgan Jones.

Strong powerful messages, some personal and others general, but all geared to make a statement. School organizers say this is an age group at risk.

Statistics show that between the ages of 16 and 24 people are most likely to become victims of relationship violence, said UNCC Health and Wellness counselor Jenny Guidotti.

The t-shirts are hung along the campus corridor leading up to Belk Tower.

Pousa says if just one victim gets strength from them then they're making a difference.

People stop and look at them. They reflect, even if they're a person who is abused and they see this t-shirt and they think, Wow, somebody is taking a stand for me when I have no voice, said Pousa.

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