CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It is a lost art, and while you've probably seen it you have not even known it.

It's called letter-press printing, and the first ever letter-press convention is going on right now in Charlotte. It's been around for hundreds of years, and just in the last few years it s making a real comeback.

On Tuesday Kyle Durrie brought her office to Charlotte. It s a delivery truck she turned into a moving print shop.

All these pins are places that I ve stopped in the past eight months, she said, pointing to the U.S. map that hangs on the inside of the truck.

There are a lot of pins. She started in her hometown of Portland and has travelled the country.

I d say the majority of people I interact with don t know what it is, or may be kind of familiar (with it) but definitely (have) never seen it in action, she said.

Moveable type is the system of letter-press printing...physical type that you move around that was invented in the 15th century, she explained.

Once the letters are in place, you roll the ink over them.

Each piece of paper is fed by hand and if you re doing two colors, each color is done one at a time, Durrie added.

It's a slow process, she admits.

It s very time consuming, which is why it fell out of favor because people developed faster and cheaper ways of printing.

Meghan Mills is a Charlotte graphic designer who headed to the convention to check out the methods of letter-press printing.

Each one is different and it s really satisfying to pull that paper up and see what you ve done, Mills said.

She admits it is quite literally a labor of love.

If you d like more information on the convention, click here.

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