MCCONNELLS, S.C. -- If you look up at the trees covering much of the land around Windy Sizemore's home, you'd think the branches had been draped with web-like Halloween decorations.

If only that were true.

In this case, the webs are real, spun by the hundreds of thousands--if not millions--of canker worms that have infested the yard and covered the house.

I don't know what to think. I feel like I am in a horror show, Sizemore said as she picked worms off of her T-shirt.

It started a week or so ago and the worms have quickly taken over, covering the siding on the house and the children's toys in the yard.

We've been here 13 years and it has never been anything like this, Sizemore said.

Her son Stephen described what happened to him when he tried to clean the worms off the family car.

It was just like a big web came out of the trees and landed all over me. It wasn't fun, he said.

Neighbors like John Comer, who had heard about the Sizemore's situation, came by to see if they could offer some help.

Comer came armed with a sprayer and started spraying the house.

It is called malathion. It kills all kinds of bugs and insects, he said. Asked if he thought it would work on the worms, Comer said, I hope so.

So do the Sizemore's, who did some research and are hoping the infestation only lasts another week or two.

We feel like prisoners in our house, said Windy.

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