MONROE, N.C. -- Monroe native Karla Davis will make another appearance on the live performance round of NBC's singing competition The Voice Monday night and admits she's a little nervous.

The singing sensation gained national attention when she first appeared on the NBC hit show making it onto Adam Levine s team.

Two weeks ago, she sang Easy by the Commodores. Her competitor, Orlando Naiber, started the tune, but it was Davis who had the big finish winning the round.

But Davis' second live performance Monday night has her a bit nervous.

I d be lying if I said I didn t feel a little nervous, but I think I m more excited than anything because it s going to be a big surprise my song is I think I don t know I like surprising people and hopefully it will be a good surprise I think it will.

Davis' different style and unique voice is what has caught the attention of many -- even the judges on the show and she hopes to surprise even more people with that style tonight.

It will be a very different style, different side of me, and I don t know, I think, Adam s sort of pushing me outside of my comfort zone and now I really like that, she said of team leader and judge Adam Levine. I don t like to be safe, so if I m going to have to go home, I don t want it to be because I didn t take a chance. I m definitely taking a risk Adam s taking a risk with me on this song

Davis says her growth and confidence in this competition has a lot to due with Levine's belief in her and her abilities.

I m pretty new at this and he notices that and he just I think every time I meet with him -- I feel a little more comfortable with myself as an artist and I think he feels that and he can tell, so he keeps pushing me to be confident and not question what I can do, she said of Levine.

As Davis' continues to build her confidence, her alter ego, Bertha, continues to grow with her.

Bertha will be with me, she said. I mean she will be with me from here on out. You will definitely see a side of Bertha a huge side of Bertha on Monday. It ll be very apparent when you compare my blind audition to my first live performance. I think Bertha will be loud and proud, I think.

The Voice starts at 8 p.m. on NewsChannel 36. Fans can vote for their favorite performances of the night and the top vote-getters move on to the quarterfinal rounds next week.

Voting is open from the end of the show Monday night through 10 a.m. Tuesday. The results will be revealed on NewsChannel 36 at 9 p.m. Tuesday.

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