CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Republican member of the Charlotte City Council says the council will have to keep a close watch on how Mayor Anthony Foxx's new job with a hybrid bus company plays out.

Foxx is the new in-house attorney for Design Line International in southwest Charlotte. The company has sold two of its buses to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport and the Charlotte Area Transit System is also considering buying some buses.

Foxx says of any potential conflicts of interest, I understand the issues fully. He said he would recuse himself from anything that might even come close to being a conflict of interest between his role as mayor and his job with the company.

I've done a lot of discussing this, not only with the city attorney, but I've also sought out a third party opinion and I'm confident that I'll be able to do it, Foxx told NewsChannel 36.

Republican Councilmember Andy Dulin said, The mayor is a smart man and an honest man so I really don't foresee conflicts of interest, if we watch it.

Dulin had an idea that he said would prevent any potential conflicts. Their attorney, who is our mayor, ought to look at it as possibly saying, 'OK, we'll sell buses to other cities and possibly not to Charlotte'.

The job of Charlotte mayor is part-time and other mayors have had outside employment. Most recently, Pat McCrory, who Foxx replaced, worked for a time for Duke Energy.

Dulin said of Foxx's job, He's a smart fellow. He's also the mayor of a big city. You know whether those two things and the fact that they sell buses to the city of Charlotte can mesh together, we'll have to see.

Foxx said, I think this is bordering on the ridiculous because it is just as silly as the former mayor going and lobbying for somebody to use Duke Energy to buy power.

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