CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Hugh McColl was the CEO who was in charge when Charlotte built that skyscraper. He s also the guy who built Bank of America into what it is today.

McColl is not a timid man. He is a former marine -- and was famous for having a grenade on his desk during his tenure.

It turns out -- he still has a lot of them around the office.

People use to talk about how bad it was to have hand grenades sitting around, McColl said. So I use to start giving them away for awards, and first thought was to have bronze, silver and gold like they do for the Olympics - for outstanding awards.

McColl showed NBC Charlotte several different types of grenades he had around his office. Old original ones, gold covered and crystal grenades were scattered across his office.

People loved them, McColl said of handing out grenades as awards. Even today you can t buy one off of anyone. The museum downstairs has been trying to get one to display, but no one will give it up.

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