COSHOCTON, Ohio (AP) -- A man arrested at a North Carolina airport who authorities say was armed and wanted to see President Barack Obama had questioned the president's citizenship, a newspaper reported Thursday.

Facebook postings apparently made last year by Joseph Sean McVey, 23, also refer to Obama by his middle name, Hussein, according to the Coshocton Tribune. The newspaper said a source with access to McVey's Facebook profile provided copies of screen shots.

McVey had a handgun at his side when he caught the attention of officers in an Asheville Regional Airport parking lot Sunday just after the president departed aboard Air Force One, police said. His car was loaded with police gear, including a siren and lights, and had a note with formulas used for firing a rifle with a scope, authorities said.

Asheville Regional Airport Police Chief Jeff Augram said he is aware of the Facebook postings and that authorities are doing an exhaustive background check on McVey.

James Mills, an Asheville attorney representing McVey, said he had no comment.

McVey's mother lives in Asheville. He lives in Coshocton, about 60 miles east of Columbus, where he has been a member of a volunteer organization that assists police and fire crews at emergency scenes.

McVey's Facebook page on Thursday displayed little more than his name and high school to users other than his approved friends. A public comment from McVey could be found elsewhere on the site, on a page apparently set up by friends titled Justice for Joseph 'Sean' McVey.

Thank you for your generous support, everyone, McVey wrote in a posting left early Wednesday.

Immediately following his arrest, acquaintances in Coshocton said McVey would never want to harm anyone and described him as a possibly overeager police and ham radio enthusiast.

Subsequent days brought the revelations that the Coshocton County sheriff's office felt it necessary to lecture him in January about proper gun handling, and that West Virginia authorities ticketed him in 2006 for using the blue flashing lights reserved for police officers. A woman complained he had tried to stop her on a road with blue lights deputies later confiscated from his car.

Authorities in North Carolina have charged McVey with of going armed in terror of the public, a misdemeanor. They released him Tuesday under a $100,000 secured bond.

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