A few days after a New York Times editorial said Republicans are dismantling a once strong North Carolina reputation, Gov. Pat McCrory issued his own statement defending the Tar Heel State.

In an editorial posted Friday, Gov. McCrory said North Carolina is on the way to prosperity since he took the office.

He adds, While it may not be apparent to the very liberal worldview of The Times, North Carolina s new focus on reform is paying off.

The former Charlotte mayor calls himself a problem solver and adds thousands of jobs are moving into the state.

Earlier in the week, the Times referenced a laundry list of reasons why the union is currently witnessing The Decline of North Carolina. The article cites the Moral Monday protests, the cruel end of federal unemployment benefits and a lack of racial equality for the decay.

NBC Charlotte asked your thoughts on the New York Times piece on Facebook. Opinions are divided:

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Rick Fortenberry I'm ashamed of our state for the first time in my life.

Joe Fox We are not just the laughing stock of this country; the BBC ran a story a couple weeks ago about just this. As for the unemployment benefits, someone correct me if I am wrong, but employers are still paying the same Federal Unemployment rate now as they were. As for the rest that is happening, the good people of NC screwed themselves in the last election by falling for everything the wealthy and powerful said. It's not a Red and Blue's about doing what is right and leaving no one behind.

Mary Cody I am glad we finally woke up. The handouts had to stop somewhere. We know people who rode the unemployment train as long as the money was given to them without looking for a job. Shame on anyone who wants to scam any system.

Warren Meeker If the NY Times is disappointed in the way NC is going, then it must be headed in the right direction.

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