YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- It s like reliving it again every day -- tough week for my family, said son, David Roberts.

Family and friends of Melvin Roberts sat and watched his former girlfriend, Julia Phillips, in her first police interview the night Roberts was killed. This was as she argued with police after they obtained a search warrant for her shoes and underwear.

That man did not touch me at all in that way, Phillips told police.

Phillips recounted for police how she said she arrived at Roberts home and was immediately duct taped and dragged into the backyard by an unidentified Hispanic man.

He's taking my face and literally pushing it into mud, said Phillips.

The state called Lt. Edwards to argue evidence doesn't back up her story. Police testified they didn't see any mud on Phillips face or hair when they responded to the scene.

Philips then recounts what she says she heard when Roberts got home, while she was still bound and gagged by duct tape in the back yard.

I hear a pipe making noise, then I heard a shot, one shot. Then everything went dead, said Phillips.

Phillips tells police instead of running to Roberts body once she freed herself, she got in her car and called 911. During questioning she denied any involvement in Roberts death.

Friday the state is expected to show reenactment video of Phillips at the scene.

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