YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- The state continued to call witnesses Tuesday to try to convince jurors that Julia Phillips was a woman who master-minded the murder of her longtime boyfriend and prominent businessman Melvin Roberts because she was scared he was going to cut her out of his will.

Diane Rayfield and her husband Dennis had known Roberts for years, and had come to know Phillips after she started dating the former mayor of York.

On the witness stand Rayfield told the court that Julia once told her she knew how to get him back once after the couple had had a fight. She also said that Phillips told her about what would happen if something happened to the 79-year-old Roberts.

She said I would be well taken care of, said Rayfield.

When asked what that meant, Rayfield said that Melvin had set her up in his will.

Rayfield then testified that the couple had had a very rocky relationship over the last several months of Roberts life. She even said that Phillips had been sleeping on the couch the last time she visited.

After Melvin's death she (Phillips) acted like nothing was wrong, Rayfield said, She laughed and joked... a couple of times she acted like she was crying but there were no tears.

The state called several other witnesses from SLED, mostly dealing the collection of evidence.

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