CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have arrested and charged a teenager in connection to an arson investigation at Providence Baptist Church.

Saturday, authorities arrested Jonathan Dover, 18, authorities say he turned himself in after several church members recognized him in an NBC Charlotte report about the arson.

In July, authorities said someone set two fires inside the Providence Baptist Church on Randolph Road. The fires burned themselves out, and the fire damage was minimal -- but the smoke damage was a major problem, causing $250,000 in damages.

To have this level of reaction -- that's something we re not accustomed too. It was a bit of disbelief that somebody would really want to do that to you. Burn you down, that's serious business, said Dr. Al Cadenhead, the pastor in an interview Friday.

Dover is facing two felony charges of breaking & entering a place of worship and burning a religious building.

It was not immediately clear his connection to the church. His bond was set at $4,000.

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