FORT MILL, S.C. -- A bad stretch of potholes that has drivers avoiding an onramp to I-77 is expected to be repaired within the next couple of months, SCDOT officials said Thursday.

Some of the potholes as you merge onto I-77 from Highway 21 in Fort Mill are so big and deep drivers call them teeth rattlers for way they and their cars shake when they hit the holes.

It rattles everything on your dash, a driver said.

To some, the word potholes doesn't do them justice.

It's like you've got ditches in the middle of the road, driver Lorrie Greene said.

They're on the onramp leading onto the interstate in a stretch where you're supposed to stay straight until you merge.

Some drivers go in them and hope it doesn't harm their car.

But others swerve to avoid them while merging and with cars already on the interstate flying by.

You sort of like lose control of the car because you can't go this way or you fall in. You go this way you fall in and it's really bad trying to merge into traffic and avoid the ditches as well, Greene said.

It's gotten to the point where she won't even take the onramp out of fear for her own safety.

Greene instead goes under the interstate and turns around so she can take a different onramp.

SCDOT crews are working five days a week repairing potholes.

The asphalt they're using now is called hot mix.

Crews say it sticks better and lasts a lot longer than cold patch, which is what they used in the winter.

Now is the time of year hot mix is readily available.

Meanwhile in North Carolina, NCDOT officials say potholes blew their winter repair budget by more than $20 million dollars.

Potholes still being filled, but officials say the money will have to be made up in the summer months, most likely from grass cutting and litter pick up.

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