CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There s a brewing foodfight in Charlotte.

Food trucks have been a popular part of the Charlotte food scene in recent years, but some new rules from the city could put some trucks out of business.

It's just about lunch time and the Tin Kitchen is heating up. They are getting ready to serve at one of their usual uptown lunch spots.

The popular food truck is one of about 70 now serving in the Queen City.

Tin Kitchen owner David Stuck says it s a growing scene.

It s come a long way recently. When we started it was difficult to convince people to come eat at food trucks, but in the last year and a half it s really blown up and people have really become big fans.

Want proof? Check out food truck Friday in SouthEnd.

Literally it was an overnight thing, Stuck points out. All of a sudden people got it and we went from doing 12 to 15 people a night to 70 to a 100. Now on a Friday night we'll do three to 400.

But they're all worried their businesses could be in hot water.

I think if the city changes rules in a certain way, it will make it difficult for all trucks to stay in business. Perhaps not impossible, but there are definitely some proposed changes now that are gonna be challenging.

A city planning committee is looking at changing the guidelines for food trucks, everything from where they're allowed to park, to when they can operate, and Stuck is one of a few dozen food truck owners trying to make sure they don't get burned.

I do think there s a little bit of a disconnect from what certain people think trucks really do. The fact of the matter is we re a fun part of the city culture now and we provide a service that people want.

The committee is expected to come up with some guidelines by the end of the summer.

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