CHARLOTTE N.C. Ever since the arrest on political corruption charges of former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon, the question has been asked if there is going to be another shoe dropped.

A reading of the original FBI affidavit that led to Cannon s arrest suggests there is a second criminal investigation underway involving the former mayor who resigned within hours of his arrest.

The affidavit describes the meeting between Cannon and an FBI undercover operative who Cannon believed was a real estate investor.

It is at that meeting where the FBI says Cannon is paid a bribe of $12,500 and at one point takes the money and places it next to his ear and then fans the bills.

The affidavit reads, Before and after he was given the cash, Cannon promoted himself as the right person to turn to insure that UCE1 (the FBI operative) does not have any problems with the city.

The affidavit then goes on to say, Cannon alluded to a prior instance wherein he assisted and intervened in a major project using his official position on behalf of a prominent local businessman.

Former City Council member Andy Dulin, who served with Cannon on the council, said he believes Cannon was just bragging.

I think that he would not have been able to do that. It might be fact that he was caught up in what he was up to and he was sticking his chest out a little bit, Dulin said.

But that is not what happened according to the FBI.

The affidavit says agents have been conducting a second and separate investigation of that claim of influence by Cannon and the affidavit says it corroborates Cannon s assertion that he assisted the businessman...

So who was that businessman and what was the major project?

The FBI says in the affidavit, The details are not set forth in this affidavit for ongoing investigative reasons.

There is no indication when that second investigation involving Cannon will be complete.
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