Greetings and Happy Hot Monday!

Okay, who knew April was National Grilled Cheese Month? Crazy, I know. But Jarlsberg cheese is doing something to celebrate.

In addition to giving you a $1 off printable coupon at their Facebook page -- you can also score a free grilled cheese sleeve. It sounds brilliant. This way you can just put your bread and cheese in the TOASTER and TOAST yourself a grilled cheese without burning your house down.

Click here for a Grilled Cheese Toaster Sleeve.

In college, when I was in Boston, and there were two or three Ben and Jerry s stores within three T stops (subway stops) away from my apartment. I went to ALL of the Ben and Jerry s locations in one day... multiple times for FREE CONE DAY!

Free cone day is tomorrow 4-12-2011 and you can get yourself an entire free ice cream cone of any flavor. Check out details at their Facebook page.

Lastly, CVS is promoting their Essence of Beauty line by giving away FREE full-sized Essence of Beauty antibacterial products!

Get more details at their Facebook page.

Okay, time to get cracking on the show and fixing the rat s nest known as my HAIR. I recently traded in our old car for a convertible since the weather here in the Carolinas is so fabulous, and haven t quite mastered looking cool driving it... without having hair fly everywhere. Bobby suggests a head scarf.

Thanks for checking in see you on TV and at my Twitter page, DionLimWCNC for deals all day long!

-- Dion

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