NEWTON, N.C. -- Adam Baker, the father of 10-year-old Zahra Baker, who police say was killed by her stepmother, will have to notify the Catawba County District Attorney's Office if he wants to leave the state.

Wednesday morning, Superior Court Judge Eric Levinson added restrictions to what Baker must do if and when he wants to leave North Carolina.

Right now, Adam Baker is being monitored via an ankle bracelet by Federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agents. He's not charged in connection with Zahra's death; however, he is facing felony identity theft charges.

The Catawba County DA's Office originally wanted Baker's travel restricted to Catawba, Lincoln, Burke, and Caldwell Counties, but Levinson will allow Baker to leave North Carolina under the following conditions:

1. Baker must follow all federal monitoring requirements, which include notifying ICE agents of any plans to travel outside of North Carolina.
2. Baker must notify the Catawba County District Attorney's Office within 7 business days if he plans to travel outside of North Carolina. This allows the DA's office to set up a hearing if they do not agree to the travel plans.
3. Baker must notify the Catawba County Clerk of Court office of any address or employment changes.

Mark Killian, Baker's attorney, says he believe the restrictions are fair.

I'm not too worried about the restrictions, said Killian. NewsChannel 36 asked Killian whether providing seven days notice to the DA's office was fair or not based on Baker's identity theft charges.

Do I think it s too extreme? No I don't think so,' he responded.

Killian says Baker plans to stay in North Carolina at least until his wife, Elisa Baker, is tried for Zahra's death.

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