CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Concerned neighbors, commuters, and parents reached out to NewsChannel 36 for help monitoring speeding drivers along a busy street in Myers Park.

It's part of WCNC's continuing look into Streets of Speed , roads that seem to attract local lead foot drivers.

Three schools line a short stretch of Runnymede Lane: Myers Park High School, Selwyn Elementary, and Alexander Graham Middle School.

It's a four-lane street that's popular with commuters getting from one side of town to another. The school zone speed limit of 25 mph lasts almost two hours in the morning.

NewsChannel 36 caught drivers going up to twenty miles above the posted speed limit. While on scene, a CMPD officer pulled over a driver going 15 mph over the limit.

A crossing guard at the corner of Barclay Downs says he stays busy, helping hundreds of kids cross every morning. John Weathers shared the guidance he gives students.

Be safe. Watch the light. and watch me, he said.

Weathers' positioning makes some parents feel better about dropping off their children across the street from the schools.

Because of the crossing guard, the kids are good about going to that one place. And I think they're all pretty careful. But this is a tough road, mother Tami Whiteside said.

Workers at the schools also find themselves dodging fast cars.

Peggy Goodwine works in the cafeteria at one of the schools, she says she was nearly hit by a car recently.

The sign said 'walk', and the car was turning, and I said 'Don't hit me, Don't hit me', she explained.

When it's not a school zone, the stretch of road has a posted 35mph speed limit. NewsChannel 36 clocked a car going 57mph Wednesday during regular hours.

CMPD says it will continue their patrols in the area. CMS tells NewsChannel police have been vigilant in the area.

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